Product Introduction

ZINGALU is a one component high performance stand-alone organic zinc-rich coating. ZINGALU has 90% of ultrapure zinc (ASTM D520 type III) and 4% aluminum flakes in the dry film which provide long-lasting cathodic protection to ferrous metals.The aluminum flakes offer barrier protection and a bright finishing color, matching the color of galvanized surfaces. Therefore ZINGALU is ideal for repairing and touching-up of damaged or old hot-dipped, Zinganised or other zinc coated structures. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment on a clean and rough substrate in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances.ZINGALU is also available as an aerosol and is sold as Zingaluspray.

Product Features

Relative Density2,46 kg/dm3
Solid content80% in weight, 63% in Volume ( ASTM D2697)
VOC 530 g/L
ColorGrey with aluminium shine
Theoretical Spread Rate3,62 m2/kg for 60 μm DFT
Flash Point>=40°C – 60°C
Shelf life2 years in the original, unopened package. Can be used after being re-evaluated after shelf life.

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