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A dust collector is a system used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas


DUST COLLECTOR LB-PC 16 (12000 - 15000 m3/h)

Airflow (m3/h)12000 – 15000
Cartridge Filter Quantity (pcs)16
Valve SpecificationDMF-T-40
Valve’s Quantity (pcs)8

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DUST COLLECTOR LB-PC-20 (21000 - 25000 m3/h)

Airflow (m3/h)21000 – 25000
Số lượng bộ lọc Cartridge (pcs)20
Valve SpecificationDMF-T-40
Valve’s Quantity (pcs)10

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Industrial dust collection systems are used in most industries to filter out unwanted dust, dirt, gas, debris, and other hazardous substances. Benefits of collectors include, but are not limited to: better visibility and efficiency of your workforce, providing clean and safe environments for workers, and handling challenging particulate matter on your jobsite.



Soldering carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum in arc welding, carbon dioxide arc welding, MAG welding, special welding, gas welding in machinery, casting, metallurgy, build materials, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding and so on.


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           Dehumidifier AR18000SE

           Dehumidifier KL-LFZ12000

           Dehumidifier LT-CTD50E

           Dehumidifier DM-1500R


           Abrasive Recovery VR-E8

           Abrasive Recovery VR-90

           Suction Machine K-V8

      Dust Collector

           Dust Collector LB-PC 16

           Dust Collector LB-PC 20

      Spraying Equipment

           Evolution G-30H

      Abrasive Blaster

           Blastrac EBE 500S


           Fusheng SA75

      Air Cooler

           AirBlast ABAC-200/ PN 800CFM

           DMD- 25 HTF

      Compressor Air Dryer

           Hitachi HDR-75AE

           Fusheng FR100AP

           DMD- 25 HTF

      Cobra Scaffolding

           Cobra Scaffolding


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