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COBRA Ringlock was manufactured by Cobra Access, the company that manufactures and supplies superior quality modular Ringlock system scaffolding, tube and fittings including wedge clamps for the oil and gas, mining, refining, power and energy, infrastructure and construction sectors.

Cobra’ products conform to Australfan standards and regulations AS/NZS1576, AS/NZS1577, AS/NZS1892 and globally to EN74, EN12810, EN12811, ANS/100- 5/05, OSHA1926.451, CSAZ797, MS1462 and Nch2501. They undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures giving our customers confidence in their safety and strength when used for complex scaffold installations.


With a strong technical and quality control team, Cobra Ringlock is designed following to the highest quality control.


The highest quality steel is certified and tested, meeting or exceeding industry standards.


Protection by zinc galvanizing (mostly hot dipped) extending their useful life


  • Interlocking Toeboard-1.57-4.78-Pre-Galvanized
  • Interlocking Toeboard-2.13-6.35-Pre-Galvanized
  • Interlocking Toeboard-3.07-9.2-Pre-Galvanized
  • Lattice Girder-6.39-68.62
  • Aluminum – Plywood Hatch Deck – 2.13-26 – Aluminum – Plywood
  • Adapter for 0.3m/12″Caster – 4.24 – Q235/345 – HDG
  • Swiveljack – 6.02-Q235/345 – HDG
  • Ladder Access Transom – 6.11-Q235/345-HDG
  • Horizontal Rosette Clamp – 1.19-Q235/345-HDG
  • Davit Arm – 1.14-10.21-Q235/345-HDG
  • Gin Wheel – 0.25-6.3-Steel-HDG/Painting
  • Storage rack – 48.05 – Q235 – HDG
  • Guardrail standard -1.5-8.32-
  • Adjuststable swing gate -1.0-10.02-
  • Steel Plank O-Type 750x240mm
  • Interlocking Toeboard-3.00-9.2-Pre-Galvanized
  • Infill plank 750mm

At Vivablast, we offer scaffolding rental services in accordance with the demands of the industry, constantly guaranteeing that the equipment reaches clients in the finest operational shape. We provide scaffolding of every variety for use in practically every industrial sector, including oil and gas, petroleum, metallurgy, energy, etc.

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