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Blastrite is a leading manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasives.

Blastrite has two mineral processing facilities in South Africa as well as sales and distribution infrastructure throughout Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, the USA and Europe, all of which supply the petrochemical, shipping, construction and mining industries with internationally approved and certified loose abrasives.

Blastrite provides abrasive materials with class leading sandblasting and painting equipment producers, including:

  • NLB, suppliers of high pressure (HP) and ultra high pressure (UHP) waterjetting equipment
  • Graco, specialists in painting equipment
  • Airblast and PAN Abrasive sandblasting equipment
  • Monti MBX, suppliers of mechanical preparation tools
  • OMI, compressed air aftercoolers
  • RPB, HSE equipment

and many other producers.


Platinum Grit Blasting Abrasive

Blastrite® Platinum Grit is a specially selected and graded slag abrasive with sharp angular particles.

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Garnet (Natural Mineral Abrasive)

Microblast® is a natural mineral abrasive, reddish/pink in colour, predominantly almandine consisting of sub-angular particles mined from an alluvial resource.

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Brown Aluminium Oxide

ALCAB is an extremely hard brown fused alumina which is very resistant against fracturing on impact. It is the second hardest mineral after a diamond.

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This product is a hard and unyielding abrasive in spherical shapes. Starball is made by sintering fine Bauxite ore. Bauxite is the main ore used to produce Aluminium and consists 75% of Aluminium Oxide.

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Steel Grit

Steel Angular Grit is produced by crushing specifically heat-treated shot pellets. Service characteristics depend upon hardness seletion.

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Steel Shot

Steel Shot is a fully heat-treated spherical product of hyper-eutectoid steel. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered martensite to provide optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.

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If you’re interested in Abrasive Blasting Media – BLASTRITE®, VIVATECHS offers a wide range of services and resource persons to assist you.