RAM Underwater Primer

RAM Underwater Primer

RAM Underwater Primer consists of a unique blend of marine grade petrolatum hydrocarbon primer containing water displacing corrosion inhibiters, flow control additives and broad-spectrum biocides.The primer is the key component of the RAM Marine System for the preparation of metal surfaces prior to wrapping. The RAM Marine System adheres to the substrate whilst displacing water, passivating steel, filling voids, and ensures intimate contact between the RAM Marine Tapes and the substrate. The RAM Underwater Primer compound will not dry out or harden and is unyielding to moisture, acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.

Product Features

A modified formulation of RAM Underwater Primer for excessive moisture surfaces and marine application prior to wrapping. It is very effective for underwater or on very wet metal surfaces such as pilings, risers and H – piles.



  • RAM Underwater Primer is non-drying, non-hardening, and nontoxic.
  • RAM Underwater Primer is impervious to water and applied to very wet or underwater surfaces.
  • RAM Underwater Primer is highly resistant to mineral acids alkalis and salts. It will not support combustion, no V.O.C.’s.


AIWC is an Australian owned company that provide pipeline and marine pile protection and corrosion prevention systems across Australia and the entire Asia Pacific Region.​

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