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DUST COLLECTOR LB-PC-20 (21000 - 25000 m3/h)

LB-PC 20

  • Airflow: 21000 – 25000 (m3/h)
  • Cartridge Filter Quantity: 20 (pcs)
  • Valve Specification: DMF-T-40
  • Valve’s Quantity: 10 (pcs)

LB-PC cartridge filter dust collector/ Cartridge filter dust collector for 0.3 micrometer dust collection Industrial welding fume extraction system

It is widely used for purification of smoke and dusts produced by soldering carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum in arc welding, carbon dioxide arc welding, MAG welding, special welding, gas welding in machinery, casting, metallurgy, build materials, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding and so on.


LB-PC type filter cartridge dust collector using advanced fold cartridge filter element, can remove the small non fibrous dust, compared the traditional pulse bag precipitator, this machine with small size, large filter area, high dust removal efficiency, low-pressure loss, reliable operation, long life, and other advantages. Widely used in machining, casting, chemical, ceramics, brake material processing, dusting, and industrial dust control and recovery and welding fume purification, dust and gas processing to meet the national emission standard, is a new type of pulse dust collector.



1. Split design, combine freely
2. Tiny-holes coating filter cartridge, filtering accuracy, can be up to above 99.9%
3. Filter cartridge vertical structure, more clean filtering, and in low pressure loss.
4. Lower resistance in running saves energy consumption.



Dust gas into the filter housing through the lower inlet, from down to up, due to the effect of gravity and downdraughts, the larger dust particles down to inside the ash hopper directly, the tiny dust was captured on the surface of the filter cartridge, the clean gas purification by filter cartridge filter, through the filter tube center into the clean room, then exhaust out.
With filter conditions continue, the dust gathered on the surface of the filter cartridge more and more, the pulse controller according to the set of pulse cycle and pulse interval control solenoid valve open, jet high-pressure gas, blow into the filter cylinder cavity, shake off the appearance dust, fall into the ash hopper.



Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, etc.

Airflow (m3/h) 21000 – 25000
Cartridge Filter Quantity (pcs) 20
Valve Specification DMF-T-40
Valve’s Quantity (pcs) 10
Dimension (mm) 1960 X 2770 X 1960 X 700 (LxHxWx air inlet diameter)

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    Technical Specification
    Airflow (m3/h) 21000 – 25000
    Cartridge Filter Quantity (pcs) 20
    Valve Specification DMF-T-40
    Valve’s Quantity (pcs) 10
    Dimension (mm) 1960 X 2770 X 1960 X 700 (LxHxWx air inlet diameter)
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