Triflex SmartTec

Triflex SmartTec

Triflex SmartTec: intelligent structure waterproofing. Thanks to its excellent characteristics, Triflex SmartTec is ideal for applications in areas subject to moisture and damp. The fleece-reinforced system provides reliable waterproofing for foundations and building bases. Even ornamental ponds and fountains can be waterproofed seamlessly with this material. The low-odour and solvent-free resin is also highly suitable for interiors, such as boiler rooms and tank containers. The single-component material adheres to concrete and other absorbent substrates without the need for a primer, thus saving time and effort. The waterproofing resin, which is reinforced with a special fleece, is rainproof after just one hour.Triflex Glass Primer is used as a primer on unpolished glass substrates under various Triflex systems.

caractéristiques du produit

  • Advanced liquid waterproofing system.
  • Suitable for both new construction and renovation.
  • Enhanced crack-bridging capabilities.
  • Provides long-term protection for roofs and surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly and low odor.


  • Versatility: Ideal for new construction and renovation projects.
  • Crack-Bridging: Effectively bridges cracks in substrates to maintain watertight integrity.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Low odor and environmentally conscious solution.


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Triflex est le premier spécialiste européen des produits d'étanchéité liquides et des plastiques à froid. Nos systèmes de haute qualité offrent des solutions fiables et durables pour l’imperméabilisation des toits, des balcons et des parkings.

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