Zinga – One-Component Zinc Coating System. Superior Protection


Are you searching a high-performance solution for protecting your valuable assets? ZINGA is a revolutionary 1-component cold-galvanizing coating system, comprising up to 96% zinc on dried surfaces and guaranteeing the highest international standards.

Let’s examine why you should opt for ZINGA:

Simple application, even in conditions of excessive humidity (up to 95%)

Say farewell to the annoyances of working in environments with high humidity. Even in high-humidity environments, ZINGA’s unique formulation makes application simple and yields exceptional results. Enjoy unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for your next endeavor.

Outstanding longevity – up to 25 years

Invest in a solution that is long-lasting. With ZINGA, you can have peace of mind knowing that the surface will be protected for an impressive 25 years. This is a long-term investment that protects your assets from corrosion regardless of the obstacles they face.

Unlimited stowage and shelf life

There are no restrictions on shelf life or storage with ZINGA. This means that you have the freedom to utilize our incredible protection whenever and wherever you see fit. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of protecting your assets without sacrificing quality.

Discover a world of superior corrosion protection by selecting ZINGA today.