Waterproofing foundations with Triflex Towersafe

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Location: Paderborn
Completion: 2013
Area: Approx. 18 m²
Authorised Contractor: Karo-Tec Baudienstleistungs-GmbH, Markkleeberg
Brauerei Vestas V90 Paderborn wind turbine- Triflex - Vivablast

Brauerei Vestas V90 Paderborn wind turbine

In order to secure the wind energy yield in the long term, the foundation of the plant had to be upgraded for the rest of its life. We looked for the best possible solution. ITW Polymers Europe was therefore commissioned to manage and coordinate the project. Polymers Europe, a renowned manufacturer of solutions for industrial floors, traffic areas, foundation joints and concrete refurbishment, has earned an excellent reputation in the field of “wind turbine foundations”. Project manager, Lars Geisler, emphasises that
the entire life cycle of the plant has to be considered in this work: “A sustainable finish is vital to avoid any future damage.” The tried and tested Triflex Towersafe foundation waterproofing system was selected in order to protect the foundation against damage during the operating period.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Long-term protection of the foundation
  • Fast refurbishment irrespective of weather conditions
  • Permanently elastic design of the joint for safe absorption of component movements
  • Sealing of the foundation to prevent any water ingress
  • Resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads
  • Shear-resistant system construction to enable long-term functionality of all individual functional layers

Refurbishment steps overview

  • Thorough removal of the old material in the joint area
  • Cleaning steel surfaces with Triflex Cleaner and roughening with abrasive paper
  • Full width abrasion of the horizontal concrete surface
  • Priming the foundation cap with Triflex Towersafe Primer
  • Forming the joint between steel and concrete with Triflex Cryl RS 240 mortar
  • Applying the Triflex Towersafe waterproofing layer
  • Incorporation of Triflex Special Fleece for durable and elastic waterproofing
  • Additional decoupling of the waterproofing by a special stone adhesive tape
  • Applying Triflex Towersafe Finish with quartz sand dressing for additional protection and slip resistance

Source: triflex.com