FlexiClad 40

FlexiClad 40

FlexiClad 40 is designed for protection of pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings. The combination of polymer bitumen adhesive and PVC backing ensures vigorous contact with the metal substrate and excellent adhesion. Suitable for machine or hand application.The tape has an integral hi-tensile, cross laminated PVC backing which imparts high mechanical strength, impact resistance and controlled elasticity/ hoop tension.

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This successfully proven tape is the best solution for coating of small and medium diameter pipes and/ or repair, due to its tenacious adhesion, mechanical characteristics, ease of use, good elongation and flexibility.

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FlexiClad 40 is a medium thickness polymer bitumen adhesive laminated to a tough plasticised PVC backing. The adhesive layer is protected by an interleaving which is removed during application.



FlexiClad 40 can be applied by machine or by hand, minimal tension is required to achieve intimate contact between pipe and coating.



FlexiClad 40 is produced in one of the newest and most modern plants in the world. The quality control department constantly and continuously monitors the raw materials, the production and packaging in order to ensure a high quality product.

Sizes, article and batch numbers are indicated on each carton.

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