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Repair for worn or damaged hot-dip galvanising or hot metal spray


Repair and Touch Up of Hot Dip Galvanizing

ZINGA is specifically designed to be an excellent option for the repair and touch up of hot dip galvanizing.

ZINGA meets the following ASTM Standards:

  • ASTM D2697, Wet product
  • ASTM A780 , Dry Film Zinc Content ( 96% by weight, 99.995% purity – incredible!! )
  • ASTM A780, Repair Coating for Hot Dip Galvanizing

At times, small voids or defects may occur when galvanized steel is damaged during transportation or erection.  ZINGA can be used for the repair and touch up of hot dip galvanizing.

ZINGA may be preferred for the recharge and repair of hot dip galvanized steel in the field.  The removal of the existing coat can be minimized as ZINGA can be applied directly on top of the existing layer of hot dip galvanizing.  ZINGA will provide the equivalent cathodic protection as hot dip galvanization to coated and un-coated steel areas.

Again, ZINGA meets the standards set forth in ASTM A780 regarding the practice for repair of damaged and un-coated areas of hot dip galvanized coatings.

ZINGA has an incredible 96% dry film zinc content and can be applied by brush, roller, and aerosol spray.  ZINGA provides cathodic and barrier protection making it the superior choice for the repair and touch up of hot dip galvanizing!


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