Product Introduction

The coating based on aluminium flakes in aerosol sprayAluspray offers a coating based on aluminium flakes in aerosol spray. It can be applied either without primer on an old, non-corroded hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation layer or as topcoat on top of ZINGA.Aluspray is mainly applied for esthetical reasons as it gives a nice aluminium aspect.

Product Features

Relative Density0,656 kg/dm3 at 20°C
Solid content17.20% in weight, 58.70% in Volume
VOC619 g/L
ColorAluminium (~RAL9006: comparable to hot-dip)
Theoretical Spread Rate4,00 m2/kg for 40 μm DFT
Flash Point-41°C (~propellant)
Shelf life4 years in the original, unopened package and shaken mechanically after 2 years production date.

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