Nox-Rust® 7800


Product Introduction

Corrosion Preventive Lubricant Oil for High Precision Equipment and Parts

  • Protection Time: up to 12 months indoor
  • Appearance: Light, oily film
  • Metal Protection: Steel; metalworking, precision parts – ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Approvals: OEM product
Experienced users of Nox-Rust 7800 call it the best all-purpose lubricant they have ever tried. Shop mechanics, for example, use it for temporary corrosion protection, un-seizing a stubborn nut to keeping machines running smoothly.Nox-Rust 7800 is a water displacing, low viscosity lubricant and corrosion preventive liquid. It will protect both ferrous and non-ferrous parts during storage and covered transit at low film thickness. No mixing or preparation is required. It is compatible with barium lube grease and an excellent lubricating oil for assembly parts. It has the unique capability to creep and penetrate into very tight and hard-to-reach spaces. It remains fluid at -70°F, which is why the military uses it a gun oil for firearms in cold climates. Nox-Rust 7800 is also ideal in transit and transportation industries, machined parts and even routine maintenance shop use.Apply it by spray, dip or brush. If removal is required, use mineral spirits, hot alkaline wash or high pressure steam.

Product Features


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