Evapo-Rust® De-Rusting Solution


Product Introduction

Don’t Scrap Rusted Metal Parts, Soak Them Clean in Evapo-Rust®

Evapo-Rust from Daubert Cromwell is an award-winning, water-based rust remover that works as a safe, environmentally friendly solution to a common problem in metalworking industries.It is a non-toxic, water-based liquid that removes surface rust without scrubbing. Evapo-Rust rust remover starts to work in minutes. The odor-free, non-acidic, reusable solution eliminates need for blasting, grinding or using harsh caustics and chemicals. Evapo-Rust’s neutral pH formulation bonds and removes rust, yet doesn’t affect metal compositions, plating or even non-oxide paint coatings.
  • Reusable – One gallon de-rusts approx. 300 lbs. of steel, or about 20 lbs. of dry rust.
  • Non-acid, non-caustic – Neutral pH means no special handling or gloves required.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable – Safe for the environment.
  • Disposable – Spent solution can be disposed of safely down the drain in most cases.
Daubert Cromwell has a full line of eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor packaging products for industry, including VCI papers and wraps, poly films and bags, liquids, emitters, foam and powders.

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