OrthoBlast MB01

OrthoBlast MB01

OrthoBlast MB01 by FerroECOBlast® is a small-footprint surface treatment machine for implant surface roughening. Intended for manual blasting of small batches or to repair individual implants. The machine features all the necessary functions for safe work.

Product Features

  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Large window for optimal view during blasting
  • Blow-off gun
  • Suction blasting system: Sx35 injection blasting gun; 1.5 liter abrasive reservoir with dosing valve; Automatic refill of suction blasting system
  • Pressure blasting system: Integrated AddiMiniBlast pressure blasting system; Ø 2mm pressure blasting nozzle; Automatic refill of pressure blasting system
  • Manual blasting pressure regulator
  • Manual abrasive flow regulator
  • Foot pedal activated blasting
  • Media recycling system
  • Heavy-duty replaceable gloves
  • Door safety switch
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with all types of abrasives


  • Model: OrthoBlast MB01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 800mm x 800mm x 1700mm
  • Workspace size (L x W x H): 650mm x 500mm x 500mm
  • Load capacity: 30kg
  • Height adjustment: 200mm
  • Compressed air (min – max): 1 bar / 14,5 PSI – 8 bar / 116 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 600l/min
  • Power Supply: 110/230VAC 60/50Hz


FerroECOBlast is a leading developer of solutions and producer of machinery for surface treatment technologies

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