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Product Introduction

The PR750H is an industrial dry ice pelletizer that produces high quality dry ice pellets from stroke one. This is secured by the closed chamber technology which also ensures fast production shifts and an extreme short start up time.The automatic change of extruder plates also removes downtime and reduces loss of valuable CO2. The pellet length and quality are optimized using the new pelletizer, and the complete version of the PR750H can produce two sizes of pellets at the same time. The PR750H contains lots of technical features compared to existing products on the market.For instance a heat exchanger is used to minimize waste of energy during the sublimation process. The hydraulic unit uses logic components for higher performance.The machine parts are protected by a moisture-free enclosure, which also reduces the noise level to a minimum (below 75 dB(A). The PR750H provides a non-stop supply of high-quality dry ice pellets. The source of raw material for the production of pellets is liquid carbon dioxide conserved at low temperature in a storage tank.The liquid CO2 flows into the machine in a regulated manner and is transformed into CO2 snow which is then pressed through an extruder plate by means of the horizontal movement of a hydraulic driven piston.The PR750H is built on the latest technical advances in industrial PC controls which includes a 15” color touch display optimized for easy and intelligent control via multi-lingual context. It’s also prepared for easy integration in your company’s control system. It can be a simple remote start/stop button or a more sophisticated solution via a BUS/Ethernet connection.If the PR750H is connected to your LAN or Internet, the entire display can be transferred to the computer desktop of your choice – anywhere in the world.

Product Features

  • Closed chamber technology ensures short start up time and fast production
  • Panel PC with built in 15” touch screen allows remote support with an internet connection
  • Machine parts protected by a moisture-free enclosure reduces the noise level to 75db (A)
  • Sub Cooling technology minimizes CO2 waste
  • Automatic change extruder plate
Dimensions80 lbs (36.4 kg)
Weight0-7 lbs/min (0-3.2 kg/min)​
  • Proprietary Sub Cooling Technology Lowest conversion factor on the market.
  • Fully automated One button operation enables ease of use and quick start up.
  • Intuitive Display Panel PC with built in 7” touch screen allows remote support with an internet connection.
  • Cold Jet CONNECT® Remotely monitor, diagnose and implement corrective action from any location.

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