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Product Introduction

The Elite 20 is a versatile, heavy duty dry ice blaster that can be used for light, medium up to tough applications with low dry ice consumption. With 3/4” blasting hose, the Elite 20 is an ideal solution for cleaning more demanding surfaces.The benefit of dry ice blastings and their accessories is that they are designed to minimize the costs of equipment and plant maintenance. When using dry ice blasting it is possible to clean devices online, without any dismantling and subsequent reassembly. Production downtime can be avoided or reduced drastically, supporting an economical approach to facility maintenance.The IceTech Elite 20 is a powerful and versatile dry ice blasting machine manufactured by IceTech, designed to provide efficient and effective cleaning solutions for a range of industries. This machine uses compressed air to propel small, dry ice pellets at high speeds towards the surface being cleaned, providing a non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.The IceTech Elite 20 is designed to be highly portable and user-friendly, with a range of customizable settings and advanced features that allow for precise control over the cleaning process. The machine features a unique nozzle system that provides improved cleaning coverage and faster cleaning times, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions.One of the key advantages of the IceTech Elite 20 is its ability to clean a wide range of surfaces and contaminants without damaging them. The dry ice pellets are non-abrasive, meaning they will not scratch or otherwise damage delicate surfaces such as electronics or machinery. This makes the IceTech Elite 20 a valuable tool for companies in a range of industries, from manufacturing and automotive to aerospace and food processing.Overall, the IceTech Elite 20 is a high-performance dry ice blasting machine that provides safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for a range of applications and industries. With its advanced features and versatility, the IceTech Elite 20 is a valuable tool for companies looking to improve their cleaning processes and achieve their operational goals.

Product Features

  • 7.5m/24ft blasting hose 3/4”
  • 10m/ 32ft air supply hose 1”
  • IceGun 3/4” with or without Light
  • Nozzle holder
  • Nozzle 0.8 mm, type 1
Hopper size​80 lbs (36.4 kg)
Feed Rate1.1-3.7 lbs/min (0.5-1.7 kg/min)
Dimensions29″ x 17.7″ x 42.5″ (73.7 x 45 x 108 cm)
Weight230 lbs (104.5 kg)
Air consumption25-353 CFM (0.7-10 m³/min) at PSI ( bar)
Blast Pressure29-232 PSI (2-16 bar)​
  • Durable Stainless steel frame is built for durability and reliability.
  • Easy-adjusting Dosing System Control dry ice dosage with ease.
  • Insulated Lid and Hopper Ensures minimal dry ice sublimation and a consistent, uninterrupted cleaning.
  • User Friendly Control Panel Easily control blasting parameters.

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