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Asystom, french agile and flexible company specializing in predictive maintenance solution for industrial application.

Born in 2016, Asystom is focused on the development of solutions for Industrie 4.0 combining sensors and embedded intelligence to prevent breakdowns of industrial equipment.

Based in Occitanie area (France), Asystom is one of the few companies in the south of France working to boost the industry sector.

Asystom offers much more than just sensors, AsystomPredict is a complete turnkey and autonomous predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment that allows you to analyze, detect, diagnose, predict, and avoid failures much earlier.

Designed for anomaly detection based on machine learning, Asystom provides a universal solution for monitoring machines of different ages and designs, without installation constraints.



Metal and mining, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Water and Waste and Food


  • Turnkey: A full turnkey solution from sensor to cloud including support for data visualization, alerting and in-depth analysis.
  • Intelligent monitoring machine operations: Our innovative monitoring solutions help you optimize your machinery fleet and detect drifts or failures at their earliest stage.
  • Easy-to-use: Non-intrusive, once installed on the equipment, our sensors are set-up in minutes thanks to their auto-learning feature. They are through the fully managed application.
  • Indoor & outdoor: Data transmission is ensured in all types of indoor and outdoor environments (km range).
  • Wireless: Secure short and long range wireless data communication. Ready for zero customer IT involvement.
  • Small & Autonomous: Our beacons are palm-sized, providing significant flexibility for placement and are energy- efficient, allowing years of operation on battery.

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