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Arudra is in technical collaboration with Duromar Inc (USA), a world-renowned manufacturer of 100% solid (Zero Solvents) epoxy products. The collaboration gives Arudra complete ownership to manufacture Duromar® range of products & facilitate application services.
Arudra collaborated with Duromar Inc by setting up a world-class epoxy manufacturing and testing center in Chennai, India.
Arudra works diligently towards supplying the Indian & overseas customers with world-class protective coating products & services at the highest quality standards and competitive prices.


High Performance Lining Products

100% solid (Zero VOC), solvent free, non flammable, versatile & long life lining

Repair & Maintenance Coating Products

100% solid (zero VOC), easy to use caulks, emergency repair resurfacing

Floor Coating Products

100% solid (zero VOC), easy to use caulks, putties, resurfacing & rebuilding epoxy compounds.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems

Uniquely designed for FGD systems in various areas to flight chemical corrosion

Special Applications

100% solid (zero VOC) epoxy coating systems for corrosion & abrasion resistance

  • Ash Handling Pipe Elbow Repair
  • Protecting Acid Circulating Pumps
  • Replacing Eroded Liner Plates with Durotiles

If you’re interested in Arudra, VIVATECHS offers a wide range of services and resource persons to assist you.