RAM Marine Tape

RAM Marine Tape

The RAM Marine Tape consists of synthetic cloth being saturated with petrolatum, inherit fillers passivating inhibitors and water displacing agents that can be applied to metal above and below water.The RAM Marine Tape is a permanently flexible membrane for corrosion prevention/waterproofing of metal structures below water and the tidal / splash zone by acting as a lock out the coating and is also suitable for waterproofing/ exclude of oxygen for timber structures underwater that is unyielding to moisture, acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.

Product Features

For long life corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing of subsea pipelines, risers, and pilings in the offshore environments of splash and inter-tidal zones where areas are exposed to waves, a spray of seawater and atmosphere with a high concentration of salt, oxygen, and temperature variation.



  • RAM Marine Tape is stable in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range.
  • RAM Marine Tape is non-hardening and non-cracking. which accommodates vibrations and extreme movement of the substrate
  • RAM Marine Tape is non-toxic, no flammable with high dielectric strength, and highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis, salts, and bacteria.


AIWC is an Australian owned company that provide pipeline and marine pile protection and corrosion prevention systems across Australia and the entire Asia Pacific Region.​

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