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Anti-fouling ring (MGP – Marine Growth Preventer) is an IEV Group worldwide exclusive (Malaysia). After more than 30 years of research and development, more than 40,000 products have been used in offshore and wharf projects around the world.

The MGP (Marine Growth Preventer) rings provide a permanent solution for the management of Marine Growth. As a result of the rings’ ability to withstand the harsh environment in the splash zone and subsea, the surface remains clean.

The MGP rings remove existing marine growth and inhibit its regrowth in areas where it is most abundant. These are utilized for monopiles, vertical diagonals, and vertical members, such as conductors, risers, caissons, and jacket legs.


Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, Jetty Pile, Offshore Wind Farms


  • The product is designed to be simple and easy to install
  • Cost-free operating and maintenance
  • Longevity of up to 20 years
  • Extend the structure’s service life
  • Risk mitigation


  • Made to withstand impact
  • Create a circle around the column/pillar
  • Works by utilizing energy from tides, waves, and currents
  • Made entirely of HDPE

At Vivablast, we offer scaffolding rental services in accordance with the demands of the industry, constantly guaranteeing that the equipment reaches clients in the finest operational shape. We provide scaffolding of every variety for use in practically every industrial sector, including oil and gas, petroleum, metallurgy, energy, etc.

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