Metal roof on an industrial warehouse in Pirmasens

Key facts: Application of surface protection

Location: Pirmasens
Completion: 2014
Area: 1,400 m²
Authorised Contractor: Gebrüder Folz GmbH, Pirmasens

Metal roof on an industrial warehouse

Weather influences had strongly affected the metal roof of an industrial warehouse at Hepco & Becker GmbH in Pirmasens: hail damage was apparent on the trapezoidal sheet metal, the existing coating was coming off in some places and the metal was badly rusted. In order to avoid any more damage, the original function of the roof profiles needed to be restored as quickly as possible while the coating should be sustainably improved at the same time. As the contracting company, Gebrüder Folz GmbH, Pirmasens had already been experiencing excellent Triflex systems for five years, they too decided on the liquid applied waterproofing specialists’ products for this project. The contractors used Triflex Metal Primer and Triflex Metal Coat to produce a new surface protection to extend the service life of the metal roof.

Refurbishment requirements

  • Quick installation
  • Refurbishment without complete demolition
  • Application in adverse weather conditions
  • Adhesion to existing metal substrate
  • Long-term waterproofing and protection against corrosion
  • Attractive appearance in grey-white

Refurbishment steps overview

  1. High-pressure substrate cleaning
  2. Priming of the surfaces using Triflex Metal Primer applied as a spray
  3. Waterproofing of the details and joints with Triflex ProDetail
  4. Final coating of all surfaces with Triflex Metal Coat, also applied as a spray