HT Outerwrap Tape

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The RAM Hi-Temp Outerwrap is a flexible, UV stable and highly conformable PVC coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive.

The RAM Hi-Temp Outerwrap is smooth and consistent to unwind at a variety of temperatures.
The RAM HT Outerwrap is unyielding to moisture, acids, alkalis and salt solutions.


Recommended for industrial identification and colour – coding, or pipe wrapping purposes.



The RAM Hi-Temp Outerwrap is a plasticised PVC film coated one side with a natural rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive.
– Colour: Black.
– Thickness: 0.25 mm min.
– Length: 30m Roll.
– Widths: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm. Other sizes are available.



The RAM Hi-Temp Outerwrap should be used over the RAM Petrolatum tapes to provide mechanical protection, to stop the ingress of moisture and soil to the RAM Pet tapes.