How Zinga work?

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How Zinga works?

Zinga was originally invented in Ghent University, Belgium, in the 1970′s and has since been used in a wide variety of projects throughout the world. Click here for the typical applications of Zinga or here for a selection of testimonials.

Zinga is a unique form of corrosion protection because it provides both Active and Passive protection in a form that’s as easy to apply as a paint…

BUT… Zinga is not a paint.

Zinga is an active zinc performance coating which works in conjunction with the metal beneath whereas paints are only passive barriers. Regardless of how thick paints are applied, they remain as barriers. Once they are breached corrosion sets in immediately. Despite this significant difference Zinga is still often mistaken for a paint simply because it’s liquid and comes in a tin. But there are other more subtle differences. For example it does not “skin over” in the tin because Zinga has an unlimited pot-life and it doesn’t go “tacky” like a paint.


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