How To Apply A Water Tank Lining

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What Is a Water Tank?

A water tank collects or stores water for later use. They are used in various industries such as sewage and wastewater, agriculture, chemical, nuclear, etc. The purpose of the tanks differs from industry to industry. Still, they are generally used in irrigation, cooling materials and equipment, and water treatment.

Within time the water tanks and secondary systems can corrode due to the water, high moisture environment, and corrosive solutions such as chemicals. In addition, deteriorated equipment and structures may lead to leaching, leaks, and environmental damage. However, applying a water tank lining can prevent the listed issues and more.


A water tank lining is a coating that will create a barrier between the tank’s substrate and the stored water or aqueous solutions. The barrier is chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant; therefore, it prevents the common issues presented by corrosion. There are water tank lining coatings that are certified safe for contact with potable water. These coatings do not contaminate the water, making them safe for human consumption. Furthermore, the coatings are solvent-free and require no hot work or welding, adding to their safety.

How To Apply Water Tank Linings