DentalBlast 420

DentalBlast 420

DentalBlast 420 by FerroECOBlast® is a small footprint, stand-alone unit featuring a built-in recycling system. The recycling process is done with a cyclone unit for fine materials, ensuring removal of dust and providing good, usable media to the system.We have designed a fully automatic machine for surface treatment of implants. It is called DENTALBLAST 420 and it is one of the most advanced machines for surface preparation of dental implants for expensive materials like titanium, calcium oxide, phosphate oxide, zirconium, etc. It’s uniquedesign and working process allows high and repeatable production for grit blasting of dental implants with very low media consumption due to precise material recycling system. The key benefit of this machine is continuous working process and repeatability of blasting process. When implants are loaded, three-axis manipulator load each implant and moves it to blasting area. Once implant is blasted, manipulator brings it back to his place on plate and takes another one. All parameters are controlled through user-friendly FerroSmartPanel. In case of failure alarms and warning appear on screen. DENTALBLAST 420 is perfect to fit in any implant production due to its modern design.

caractéristiques du produit

  • Automatisation complète du processus
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Manipulateur 3 axes
  • Precise gripper
  • Interface conviviale FerroSmartPanel
  • Conception de pointe


  • Precise blasting
  • Suitable for expensive blasting materials
  • Processus de travail rentable
  • Processus de travail automatisé et reproductible
  • Entretien facile
  • Support à distance du fournisseur


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FerroECOBlast is a leading developer of solutions and producer of machinery for surface treatment technologies

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