Grenaille d'acier

Grenaille d'acier

Steel Shot is a fully heat-treated spherical product of hyper-eutectoid steel. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered martensite to provide optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.The microstructure of steel shot is uniform martensite, tempered to a degree consistent with the hardness range, with fine, well distributed carbides, if any. FUNCTION : Typical applications include: preparation of metal surfaces prior to subsequent coating, removal of sand from castings, descaling of steel strips, bars, pipes, shot peening, etc. Industry users include: foundries, automotive, aviation, blast/paint contractors, pipeline manufacturers, steel fabricators.

caractéristiques du produit

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  • Dureté : 40 – 50 Rc // 390 – 510 HV
  • Poids spécifique : 7 – 8
  • Poids brut : 4,2 kg/L
  • Forme : Ronde
  • Stockage : conditions de stockage sèches et protégées
  • Conditionnement : sacs polyprop 25kg, palette 1 tonne


  • Fer (Fe) : >96%
  • Carbon : 0.8 -1.2 %
  • Silicium (Si) : 0,3 – 1,2 %
  • Manganese : 0.5 1.3 %
  • Phosphore (P) : <0,04%
  • Sulphur : <0.04%


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Blastrite is a leading manufacturer and distributor of granular abrasives. Blastrite has two mineral processing facilities in South Africa as well as sales and distribution infrastructure throughout Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, the USA and Europe, all of which supply the petrochemical, shipping, construction and mining industries with internationally approved and certified loose abrasives.

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