HPL Duromar 4320-XC

HPL Duromar 4320-XC

DUROMAR HPL-4320-XC is a more chemical resistant version of the HPL- 4320 designed for constant immersion in high concentrations of sulfuric and other inorganic acids. Although it can be applied by hand in small areas, it is most efficiently applied using plural component spray equipment.Chemical resistance is greatly improved with an elevated Temperature post-cure. DUROMAR HPL – 4320-XC is a high functionality, 100% solids novolac material, which can be applied by conventional airless spray equipment. It can be used in power plant outlet ducts, utility systems, petrochemical and acid storage tanks, or anywhere requiring outstanding chemical resistance in an easy-to-apply coating system.

caractéristiques du produit

  • Flexible
  • Excellent Adhension
  • High Corrosion Ressistance
  • Increased Asset Liffe



  • Accommodation modules
  • Brine Ponds
  • Cantilevers
  • Heat Exchanger / Condensers
  • Offshore Legs(Below Waterline)
  • Offshore Platform Tanks
  • Pipeline-Exterior
  • Pipeline-Interior
  • Storage Tanks-Interior
  • Water Injection Systems
Max. Dry Operating Temp 135°F
Components 2
Visual Appearance High Gloss
Densité 1.36
Solids by Weight 100%
Functional Cure 48 hrs
Full Cure 168 hrs
Surface Prep SSPC-SP-5
Adhension Excellent
La flexibilité Fair


N / A
Arudra est en collaboration technique avec Duromar Inc (USA), un fabricant de renommée mondiale de produits époxy solides 100% (zéro solvant). La collaboration confère à Arudra la propriété complète de la fabrication de la gamme de produits Duromar® et facilite les services d'application.

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