Flexi Seal 1000

Flexi Seal 1000

FlexiSeal 1000 is ideal for corrosion prevention and dielectric protection and is typically used for underground pipe work and metal structures, particularly for the coating of welded joints of pipelines for gas, liquid and water transport.Flexi Seal 1000 is consists of a self adhesive bituminous rubber compound protected by a medium thickness PE film. The tape has an integral hi-tensile, flexible PE backing which provides high mechanical strength, impact resistance and controlled elasticity/ hoop tension.

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FlexiSeal 1000 is a successfully proven tape that is the best solution for the coating of pipeline welded joints and/or repair due to its tenacious adhesion, mechanical characteristics, ease of use, good elongation and flexibility.



FlexiSeal 1000 is engineered for toughness, conformability and controlled elasticity; the tape exhibits flexibility during application, permitting the installer to achieve a tight fitting, self sealing sheath over the pipe substrate.


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AIWC est une société australienne qui fournit des systèmes de protection et de prévention de la corrosion pour les pipelines et les pieux marins en Australie et dans toute la région Asie-Pacifique.​

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