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Improving Health & Safety, Turbine Uptime and Employee Retention

No more climbing – thanks to the Ascenseur 3S Climb Auto System. This single technician ladder-mounted lift can transport personnel & equipment and eliminates the need for climbing completely. It allows technicians to reach the top of a wind turbine in 5 minutes, with zero sweat.

Independent Fall Protection System

The Climb Auto System offers redundant Fall Protection Systems (for the technician and the lift), thus offering superior safety. The Climb Auto System is secured with a power-off protection mechanism, overspeed protection mechanism and a manual brake function.

The fall protection system of the CAS is independent from the operator’s fall arrester. Redundant fall protection guarantees the safety of personnel and equipment.



Principales caractéristiques

To use the CAS car, the operator must press and hold the switches on both handles simultaneously. This requires a compact stance, thus ensuring safe passage through platform hatches. If the operator releases either switch, the system stops immediately.

The CAS can be operated manually on the car, by remote control, or via the control cabinet down tower.

The convenient remote control feature allows technicians to call the car to their position in the tower or send equipment to a co-worker on another platform.

To ensure safety, control priority is always given to the operator riding on the CAS car. The on-car manual mode overrides remote operation (via remote control or control cabinet).

The CAS features a custom metal toolbox, which can be firmly attached to the footboards to send materials up or down tower via remote control.

The variable frequency drive automatically adjusts the running speed to ensure a smooth and stable ride.

The obstacle detection device on the left handle prevents accidental damage – for example, if a platform hatch is closed when equipment is sent via remote control. When triggered, the CAS car stops immediately.

To ensure safe operation, the CAS is equipped with overload protection. If the rated load of 140 kg (310 lbs) is exceeded during manual operation, an alert will sound and the system will not run. During remote operation – e.g. when transporting tools – the load limit is 60 kg (132 lbs).

The bottom sensing panel is located beneath the footboards. When coming in contact with an obstacle, the panel is compressed and the sensor is triggered. This immediately stops the CAS car, thus preventing collision.

When approaching a platform, the CAS car slows down and sounds an alert, thus ensuring the safety of the operator and any personnel on the platform.

The CAS car runs on a ladder-mounted guide rail, which strengthens the ladder while also serving as a fall protection system for the operator and car.
The top sheave’s compact design allows the CAS car to reach the uppermost platform..
The collapsible footboards enable rapid evacuation in case of emergency.
The evacuation step allows technicians to easily climb over the CAS car to reach a higher point in the tower or to evacuate in the event of power loss.
The manual emergency brake is an additional safety feature, allowing the operator to manually engage the car’s fall arrester. If the car moves unexpectedly, pulling the brake will stop it immediately.
The car, remote control, and down-tower control cabinet each have an emergency stop button (E-Stop), providing an additional layer of safety.
Equipped with a powerful 1.5 kW traction unit, the Climb Auto System features a rope slipping detector and brake protection.
Located down-tower, the control cabinet is used to power the system up and down. It can also be used to operate the CAS car remotely – for example, to recall it to the bottom platform.

The quick-adjust tensioning device on the base platform allows for easy regular wire-tension checks and adjustments.

The optional Auto Hatch Opener can be used to automatically open and close platform hatches when the CAS car passes through them.

Constructing materialsAluminum, steel
Charge nominaleMan load capacity: 140 kg (310 lbs)

Freight load capacity: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Vitesse18 m/min
Control methodFrequency conversion vectorial technology
Rated voltageSingle / 3 phase, AC, 220 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz (400 V optional)
Dimensions415 x 390 x 1180 mm (customizable)
CertificatCE, ETL; UL and OSHA compliant
Constructing materialsAluminum, steel
Charge nominaleMan load capacity: 140 kg (310 lbs)

Freight load capacity: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Vitesse18 m/min
Control methodFrequency conversion vectorial technology
Rated voltageSingle / 3 phase, AC, 220 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz (400 V optional)
Dimensions415 x 390 x 1180 mm (customizable)
CertificatCE, ETL; UL and OSHA compliant

Retrofit Installation in 8 Hours or Less

The Climb Auto System can add considerable value to your windfarm. The Climb Auto System can be easily retrofitted to almost any wind turbine – often in 8 hours or less. Because the CAS is mounted to the existing ladder, installation typically requires no structural changes. The CAS reduces the cost of ownership compared to a Service Lift, thanks to lower upfront capital expenditures and lower operating costs.

3S Lift’s Climb Auto System has been installed in over 55,000 wind turbines worldwide.

Single Technician Ladder-Mounted Lift

The 3S Lift Climb Auto System improves health and safety while reducing the cost of ownership. On every wind farm there are countless soft tissue injuries due to the repetitive motion of climbing. These injuries can lead to sick leave, long term health issues and reduced motivation among wind turbine technicians.

So far, 55,000 Climb Auto Systems have been installed worldwide, with 2,000 units installed in North America. 3S Lift has a warehouse and logistic center in Dallas, USA, a marketing center in Hamburg, Germany, an engineering center in Chennai, India, and a manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China, to ensure our global service and supply chain management.

Improving Health & Safety

With the CAS, technicians can safely reach the top of the tower while putting zero stress on their muscles and joints. The CAS is a safe and cost-effective way to ascend wind turbines. It allows technicians to focus on the job at hand, and not on the climb. The 3S Lift CAS is a single technician ladder-mounted lift that completely eliminates the physical and mental strain of climbing.

The CAS features control switches on both handles, a remote mode for equipment transport, and collapsible footboards for rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency. The CAS also has redundant fall arrest systems (for the technician and the lift), thus offering superior safety.

Increasing Uptime

The Climb Auto System allows technicians to ascend more towers per day, compared to the use of a Climb Assist or manual climbing. Because it eliminates climbing completely, it extends technician longevity. It also improves efficiency and turbine availability.

Faster tower ascent with no fatigue significantly augments technician productivity. This increases turbine uptime and annual energy production (AEP).

Improving Employee Retention

The Climb Auto System completely eliminates the need to climb, thus improving job satisfaction and motivation among technicians. This also boosts employee retention, reducing high technician turnover costs.

3S Lift Climb Auto System Single Person Ladder-Mounted Lift

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